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Bell & Evans Whole Chicken

Whole Chicken

Delicious and juicy, Bell & Evans premium chicken has no retained water from chilling. It’s sealed in natural juices through our 100% Air Chilled method, resulting in a more flavorful roast. Season it with fresh herbs and spices for a gourmet meal.

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  • No Hexane
  • No DDGS
  • 100% Air Chilled
  • No Hormones
  • No Junk
  • Raised Without Antibiotics
  • Cage Free
“I was at a different Whole Foods then the one I go to on a regular basis and they didn't carry your whole chicken so I bought one of theirs. Never again. Going forward if it is not your chicken I will do without. Your chickens are far superior to the rest. Keep up the good work!!” – DeLisha P. (Facebook)


  1. says:

    I just sow a video un guga food channel. They said that taste better that a regular chicken.

    1. says:

      lol. Thats how I got here too.

      1. says:

        Me three….

  2. says:

    Hands down, no competition, the best chicken there is.

    Always ate grocery store chicken, and it started to make me sick a couple years ago.

    Went vegetarian for a while and then a few months ago we found Bell & Evan’s.

    We can eat any of the Bell & Evan’s products and not have any negative side effects like we get with other chicken.

  3. says:

    Sous Vide Everything (guga food sister youtube channel), highly recommended you guys, now I am hunting for your whole chickens – Sarasota / Port Charlotte area. I found a spot, need to plan a trip.

  4. says:

    I have bought Bell & Evans chicken products for the last two months because of GuGa Foods YouTube channel recommendation. Delicious I must say. I’m never going back to eating any other chicken brand to cook at home if I’m buying. I even gave a friend of mine a whole chicken and his wife said it made the best chicken and dumplings she had ever cooked in her life. So now you have two new customers.

  5. says:

    My wife found one of your chickens in a local Stop and Shop yesterday. We cooked it last night. It was hands down the best chicken we have ever tasted!! Congrats and keep up the excellent work!! Leftovers tonight – can’t wait!!

  6. says:

    Sometimes the chickens contain giblets and sometimes they do not. How can I tell the difference?

    1. Hi KS, We understand your desire for the giblets to be in your whole chicken purchases and you are not alone in that. Unfortunately, because we also sell giblets separately in bulk, there are times when we do not have the giblets to include in the whole chickens. Also, if the giblets do not meet our quality standards we will not be included with the chicken. When available, we do continue to include the giblets. At this time, we are not equipped to run different packaging stating if or not giblets are included.

  7. says:

    I’ve been buying this chicken forever. It really is the best out there. None of the slimy gunk found in other chickens, no artifical coloring – just good chicken. My Mom, raised in NC, swore there was no difference in chicken. I sent her some. After cooking, she called me to “eat crow” because she agreed there was definitely a difference in the quality and taste. She’s a convert. Thank you for such an excellent product in a time when everyone else is trying to cut corners and pass off substandard food on the public. Customer for life.

    1. Thank you so much, Dierdre!

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