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Chicken Oysters

Chicken Oysters

Chicken Oysters are two circular-shaped, small pieces of dark meat on the back of the chicken’s thigh, near the backbone.
When birds are cooking, the juices are pulled to the center of the chicken. This means the oyster roasts in the natural juices and is protected from scorching temperatures because it hides inside the body. Thus, the infamous “oyster” is described as the best part of the chicken.

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Chicken Oysters with Penne in Lemon Rosemary Sauce

Chicken Oysters with Penne in Lemon Rosemary Sauce


Juiciness – The fat and location of this cut allows for it to be the most juicy.

Boneless – This cut is boneless for your cooking convenience.

Flavor – Because this piece is surrounded by bone in the center of the bird, it absorbs plenty of natural flavor.

Premium – Chicken oysters are a hidden gem! Their rich flavor and tender texture make them the most succulent part of the bird.

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  • No Hexane
  • No DDGS
  • 100% Air Chilled
  • No Hormones
  • No Junk
  • Raised Without Antibiotics


Chicken Oysters

Cooking Instructions

Chicken Oysters can be Deep Fried, Breaded, Roasted, Grilled, Sautéed and Pan Fried.

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