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Do you know what’s in your burger? How about your hot dog? If you buy Bell & Evans Chicken Franks or Burgers, you’ll recognize all the ingredients. You could probably even memorize them.

Our Chicken Burgers are made from just three ingredients – chicken, salt and pepper. That’s it.

Scott's Chicken Blog on Simple Ingredients

Scott’s Chicken Blog on Simple Ingredients

Our Organic Chicken Franks aren’t much more complicated; they have only five ingredients: organic chicken, organic chicken broth, sea salt, organic natural flavoring (an organic spice medley of organic paprika, organic garlic powder and organic soybean oil) and organic cane sugar.

And when we say “chicken,” we mean boneless, skinless breast and leg meat with some skin added back in for flavor. No oddball parts or mystery meat!

These are just two product examples, but check any of our label statements and you’ll find consistency in natural, clean labels. We don’t mess around with fillers, artificial preservatives or any other junk. Thanks to our 100% Air Chill system, our chickens don’t come with unwanted, absorbed chlorinated water either!


  1. Pamela says:

    I love your company’s chicken burgers. I do have to travel 1-2 hours away to buy them from Whole Foods.
    I didn’t know about the chicken Franks. Could you tell me the salt content in one. I have to watch my husbands salt. Thank you for the wonderful products.

    1. Thank you for being a loyal Bell & Evans consumer, Pamela! Here is a link to the nutrition content of our Chicken Franks.

  2. Sanjeevani Dubey says:

    What is the percent of organic chicken in the overall chicken products of your company?

    1. Hi Sanjeevani, over 30% of our total product is Organic. Thank you for your interest in Bell & Evans.

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