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April 10, 2012

“Pink Slime” or “Slippery Slope”

When the retail food industry demands meeting a price point and a profit margin that may mean there is not much left for the producer.  It’s exactly how we push producers to do unscrupulous things. For example, feeding animals Hexane produced soybean meal, arsenic, and DDGS ethanol by products loaded with sulfur and antibiotics. In...

September 20, 2011

Corn Ethanol

Our government spent billions to subsidize and promote using millions of acres of precious American farmland to replace imported oil is unconscionable. Now that corn is worth three times the past 20 year average at $9.00 per bushel and nearly half the U.S. crop is going to produce ethanol, we may have started a food...

July 5, 2011

The Perfectly Grilled Chicken

Every year around this time I have people tell me they barbequed their chicken and, even though they keep adding BBQ sauce,  the meat was dry. There is a very simple answer to this problem. PAR BOIL your chicken before putting it on the grill. It eliminates the problem of dry, charred meat outside and...

May 20, 2011

Do you need to learn a foreign language to read the list of ingredients in your food?

Here are some simple words to live by: If you can’t pronounce it… don’t eat it. Read food labels… especially the ingredient list. If it sounds like a chemical experiment, put it down. Also beware of some ‘all-natural’ products that say they contain “natural flavorings.” These so-called natural flavorings are added to foods that lose...

April 21, 2011

“Green” Chickens

The celebration of Earth Day is a great time for individuals as well as companies to rededicate themselves to protecting the environment. At Bell & Evans, it is part of our Bell & Evans Best Practices Standard to be good stewards of the land year-round.

February 22, 2011

Organic grain from China?

When you buy organic, you assume you’re purchasing food free from pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones. But there is so much more. Organic is a commitment to provide you with the highest quality foods, using sustainable agriculture’s best practices. Not only must the be chicken raised on a certified organic farm, but also everything it’s...

January 17, 2011

What Our Chicks Eat

At the beginning of the new year, we all make resolutions to eat healthier. I thought it would be a good time to tell you about our chickens diet, because well-fed chickens are happy and less-stressed. The Bell & Evans Animal Welfare Standard guarantees our birds always have access to fresh water and our specially-blended...

December 22, 2010

Raised without Antibiotics vs. antibiotic-free. Is there a difference?

On December 9th, the FDA announced that the U.S. meat, poultry and dairy producers used almost 29 million, yes million, pounds of antibiotics on their farm animals in 2009, up significantly from just a decade ago.  As you can imagine, public health organizations are troubled by these practices, especially ‘sub-therapeutic’ antibiotics — a low dose...

December 15, 2010

The Quest for the Excellent Turkey.

This time of year, the question I’m asked most often is, “How do I cook my Bell & Evans turkey and not ruin it?” There are many schools of thought… low and slow to deep fried. Here is one of my favorite ways to cook our all-natural turkey: Preheat the oven to 425°F approximately 30...

December 14, 2010

Life on the Farm.

Our peeps arrive at the farm within 24-hours of hatching from their eggs.  We place the chicks and their starter feed or ‘crumbles’ on kraft paper, right under their water-delivery system. This way the feed doesn’t get lost in the bedding and, within moments, the chicks relax and start to eat and drink. You may...