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August 29, 2019

Blended Chicken Marsala Burger

This blended Chicken Marsala Burger takes cues from a favorite dinner recipe, Chicken Marsala. It’s like Chicken Marsala to go!  Mushrooms, blended with juicy, savory ground chicken, topped with a dijon aioli sauce.  Yum!

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August 22, 2019

Crunchy OMG Chicken Sandwich

People who love our Breaded Chicken Patties, really love our Breaded Chicken Patties. That’s why they are now available in a 30 oz. resealable bag.  Pair them with homemade coleslaw and spicy sriacha sauce, then top with a crusty bun. #WinnerWinnerChickenDinner

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May 3, 2018

Coconut Chicken Tacos With Mango & Pineapple Salsa

Take a trip to the tropics with these sweet and savory Coconut Chicken Tacos!  Fresh-made mango and pineapple salsa coupled with creamy chipotle cream perfectly compliment crunchy Coconut Tenders.  Hold onto this one…it’s sure to be a hit!

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May 2, 2018

Apricot Brie Grilled Chicken Burgers

Chicken is the new beef!  Our juicy Chicken Burgers masterfully grilled and layered with our favorite combo of apricot jam, arugula, caramelized onions and creamy Brie.  Sure to be your new go-to family fave.

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April 9, 2018

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Super fresh and super simple!  Here’s our take on chicken lettuce wraps done right. Great as an appetizer or quick weekday meal, there are sure to add a little spice.

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January 24, 2018

Napa Chicken Salad Wrap

One of our favorites…and super quick, too!  Perfectly cooked chicken folded with crunchy pecans, celery and sweet grapes.  This taste and texture combo is sure to transport your tastebuds straight to the Napa Valley.

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November 15, 2017

Party Sized Chicken Parm Sandwich

Who doesn’t love a warm, crispy Chicken Parmesan sandwich with lots of cheese melting on top?  Then you’ll love this party size version even better!  You can serve it for a party… for #FunFridayFamilyNight…. no matter what the occasion, this giant sandwich will make it a party!

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