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Duck Legs

Duck Legs

Whole bone-in, skin-on Duck Legs are a great protein source, high in vitamins and good fats.   Dark meat lovers will enjoy it’s rich flavor  and moist texture.  Bell & Evans Duck Legs have more meat and less fat than most Pekin Ducks.

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  • No Hexane
  • No DDGS
  • No Hormones
  • No Junk


  1. says:

    My son ordered duck legs for me. At first it looked full of fat. But after broiling the fat melted off , the skin was crispy and delicious and the meat was tender and juicy and i did not have to season except for salt and pepper. I am having duck regularly from now on. Glad that it is also healthy and from Bell and Evans

  2. says:

    Best I’ve found. Very meaty. I put them in the crock pot with some olive oil and spices, making my own version of duck confit. Excellent!

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