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Bell & Evans drumsticks are 100% Air Chilled. You won’t taste any chemicals in our drumsticks. The only thing you taste is the chicken’s natural juices. The dark meat of the leg is really the sweet spot: tender, juicy and delicious.  And it’s easier than you might think to make this cost-effective and juicy piece of chicken into a glamorous dish– Chicken Drumstick Lollipops:

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Chicken Drumsticks Fresh FreezeThis item is also available at select retailers in Fresh Freeze. Our Fresh Freeze® line of chicken is packed in our unique vacuum-sealed tray and fresh frozen to lock in its own natural flavor and juices for up to 12 months.

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  • No Hexane
    Most poultry producers use hexane-processed soybeans as a cheap source of chicken feed. But hexane pollutes the air and environment. We keep chemicals out of our feed.
  • No DDGS
    DDGS is a protein alternative producers can get at a lower cost than corn. Antibiotics are used to control bacteria in the fermentation process. Some antibiotics remain in the DDGS. We use only corn and soybeans for protein. Period.
  • 100% Air Chilled
    Our air chill method eliminates the need for chilled chlorinated water that most producers use, which ends up in your chicken.
  • No Hormones
    This product is free from artificial growth hormones.
  • No Junk
    This product is made with no fillers, no preservatives and no artificial flavors—in other words, no junk.
  • No Antibiotics
    Bell & Evans is the first company to raise 100% of our flocks without antibiotics—from the egg throughout the chicken’s entire lifespan.


  1. says:

    Compared to the ‘Leading’ brand, your chicken is obviously superior. That other brands often has drumsticks that are not particularly edible, resulting in wasted product. Not the case here. A friend of mine described your chicken as the Rolex watch of chicken, vs the cheap knock off the other brand is. He was right, and I will not use the ‘P’ word in stores when I am seeking a higher grade of chicken products.

  2. says:

    We love all your products. Only chicken we buy-ever!
    I ask my meat cutter to cut drumsticks for us since they are one of the items they don’t carry in the tray pack. Wings are a must have for NFL season and year round for that matter. Keep up your high standards!!

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