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Poultry Processing

Our New $330 million Plant

We secured the first green loan in U.S. poultry to finance our new 411,500 sq. ft. Organic-Certified Chicken Harvesting Facility! The new campus is located in Fredericksburg, PA, within a three-mile radius of our Hatchery and other processing operations.

Sustainability was largely considered. 41% of site water is reused daily. Our 100% Air Chill processing saves millions of gallons of water each year versus traditional water chilling. The new facility will be powered with 55% waste heat and reduce our carbon emissions by 55%.

European-Plus Design

We selected the most durable construction materials and finishes for building longevity, superior sanitation and food safety. White concrete interior walls and plentiful windows to the outside will offer a bright environment for team members.

Animal Welfare – Always a Priority!

An automated transport system eliminates the use of fork trucks to offload chickens from trailers into harvesting. The new system minimizes stress by reducing noise, light, sound and movement for a smooth transition from trailer into Slow Induction Anesthesia (SIA). Our original SIA system that has garnished praise by animal welfare groups was also upgraded to include oxygen for an even calmer stunning.

Innovative 3D Technology

This facility was designed entirely using 3-D technology including equipment placement. Every nut and bolt of construction from pipes to wires to walls was reviewed by a group of engineers and Bell & Evans team members for complete, real-time collaboration. To the best of our knowledge, no other construction project of this magnitude has ever been fully designed using 3-D technology.

Take a Virtual Tour of the New Plant

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