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Here are our 100% commitments.

  • Bell  & Evans is 100% Family owned.
  • 100% of our baby chickens will have feed and water waiting for them as soon as they chirp their way out of their shell.
  • 100% commitment that our baby chickens will start on U.S. grown certified organic corn and soybeans.
  • 100% of our farms are family owned.
  • 100% of our breeder farms are family owned.
  • 100% of our baby chickens are produced in our new Organic Animal Welfare Focused Hatchery.
  • 100% of our chickens will be transitioned to a higher-welfare, slower-growing, more flavorful new breed, Das Klassenbester, by the end of 2018.
  • 100% of our chicken houses have cement floors that are completely cleaned and disinfected after every flock. The houses are empty for two weeks before brand new litter is installed.
  • 100% of our baby chickens are full house brooded.
  • 100% of our chickens are raised on oregano oil and expeller pressed soybean meal. No hexane extraction here.
  • Our chicken is 100% drug free.
  • 100% family-owned feed mills.
  • 100% of our expeller-pressed soybean plants are family owned.
  • 100% of our chickens never receive antibiotics from the embryo to slaughter. However, USDA Certified Organic allows antibiotics in the egg up until 2 days after hatch.  Our standards are higher.
  • 100% of our chickens average less than an hour’s drive transportation time from farm to plant.
  • 100% of our chickens spend time in the Calming Barn prior to being processed.
  • 100% of our chickens are transported with our Humane Live Hauling System.  No Dumping System allowed at Bell & Evans.
  • 100% of our chickens are put to sleep humanely by Slow Induction Anesthesia (SIA) before slaughter.
  • 100% Air Chilled. Complete chilling with cold air. No part of our process utilizes chlorinated water chill.
  • 100% No Diapers to absorb chlorinated, bloody water.
  • 100% commitment to all vacuum packaging with #1 PETE recyclable material. No CVP or MAP gas.
  • We are 100% committed to minimizing stress from birth to slaughter.
  • 100% of our employees who are involved in handling chickens are trained and certified in Chicken Handling.
  • Bell & Evans  Organic line is 100% legitimate.  It accounts for over 30% of our production and continues to grow quickly.

At Bell & Evans, we’re 100% committed to moving the bar higher.