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Here are our 100% commitments.

  • Bell  & Evans is 100% family owned.
  • 100% of our chicks have feed and water waiting available immediately at hatch.
  • 100% of our chicks will start on U.S. grown organic certified corn and soybean feed.
  • 100% of our farms are family owned, including our breeder operations.
  • 100% of our chicks hatch in our new Organic Certified Animal-Welfare-Focused Hatchery.
  • 100% of our chickens are bred responsibly as Das Klassenbester chickens, meaning best in class.
  • 100% of our chicken houses have cement floors that are completely cleaned and disinfected after every flock. The houses are empty for two weeks before brand new litter is laid to minimize bacteria risk.
  • 100% of our chicks are full house brooded.
  • 100% of our chickens’ feed includes oregano oil and expeller pressed soybean meal. No hexane extraction here.
  • 100% drug free chicken production.
  • 100% family-owned feed mills.
  • 100% of our expeller-pressed soybean plants are family owned.
  • 100% antibiotic free from the embryo to harvest. USDA Certified Organic allows antibiotics in the egg up until 2 days after hatch.  We don’t.
  • 100% of our farms average less than an hour’s drive from our facilities.
  • 100% of our chickens are transported with our Humane Live Hauling System.  No Dumping System allowed at Bell & Evans.
  • 100% of our chickens are put to sleep humanely by Slow Induction Anesthesia (SIA) before slaughter.
  • 100% Air Chilled. Complete chilling with cold air. No part of our process utilizes chlorinated water chill.
  • 100% no diapers to absorb chlorinated, bloody water.
  • 100% commitment to vacuum packaging with #1 PETE recyclable material. No CVP.
  • 100% committed to minimizing stress from hatch to harvest.
  • 100% of employees are trained and certified in humane chicken handling.

At Bell & Evans, we’re 100% committed to moving the bar higher.