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Organic Initiatives

True Organic Chicken

Bell & Evans built the most comprehensive and trusted organic chicken program in the world. Since 2009, we’ve been committed to bringing the best organic chicken to your grocery store shelves.

You make the decision on what is important to you when it comes to organic.   Use this scorecard to see Bell & Evans true organic program vs the minimum USDA requirements.

USDA Organic logo October 2023

How do you know your organic supplier is really invested in organic? Some big companies buy smaller producers to fill a niche (like organic) in their portfolio. The problem? That organic niche program may be only a small percentage of their overall business. And that means it’s not that important. It also makes the organic allowable shortcuts very attractive to meet the bare-minimum requirements.

Bell & Evans is 100% committed to true organic chicken.

  • 100% of our facilities are organic-certified, some among the first in the world.
  • We are certified organic by Pennsylvania Certified Organic, a USDA-accredited certifier that performs regular on-site inspections.
  • We use 100% U.S. grown organic-certified grains in our organic chicken feed. This diet—plus our low-stress, humane living conditions—keep our chickens healthy without the need for growth hormones, antibiotics or other additives.
  • 100% of our chicken houses are built for organic transition, because we continue to promote and grow organic.
  • Half of our total production (and counting) is certified organic. We’re truly invested.
  • In addition to being organic, 100% of our product is Air Chilled.  No added chlorinated water to this chicken!

Learn more about what makes chicken “organic.”


At Bell & Evans, we take our customers' trust seriously. We prioritize transparency, so you know that when we say our chicken is organic, we mean it.

Where it begins

The Hatchery

Welcome to world’s first organic certified and animal-welfare-focused chicken hatchery.

Our organic certified hatchery is our only operating hatchery. Every single chicken at Bell & Evans starts its journey here. Our hatchery is a complete departure from traditional poultry practices, which means:

  • All of our chicks are hatched in an organic-certified hatchery
  • We don’t use formaldehyde fumigation of our eggs
  • Our chicks are fed U.S. grown organic-certified feed immediately at hatch
  • No antibiotics or prohibited substances are injected into our eggs
  • No antibiotics or prohibited substances are used on day 1 or 2 of life
  • No antibiotics or prohibited substances are used after the 2nd day of life or ever in our process

Watch the Full Hatchery Tour

Home Sweet Home

Our Farm

Our chicks are transported from the hatchery to the chicken house in less than an hour, with plenty of organic feed to snack on during the trip. Watch the video below to learn more about our unique family farms. Our live haul trailers are cleaned and disinfected between every load.

Our goal is to raise happy, healthy chickens. We do this by ensuring all organic chickens are:

  • Fed organic-certified chicken feed at the farm
  • Fed only U.S. grown certified-organic grains for traceability
  • Have access to the outdoors
  • No partial house brooding
  • Full house clean out between flocks for disease control
  • 100% fresh litter for every flock for disease control
  • A focus on hatch-to-harvest animal welfare to minimize stress at all stages of the chicken’s life


Our Reputation for Quality

We’re committed to every step on the path from the hatchery to your grocery store shelves. Our work benefits our chickens, our employees, our environment and you.

We work hard to ensure you get the best tasting chicken possible. Our methods prioritize enhancing our chicken’s flavor and tenderizing the meat. To do this, we use:

Learn more.

Our Commitment

100% Commitment to True Organic Production

We were the first chicken producer to remove the use of antibiotics from 100% of our production more than 20 years ago, but we didn’t stop there. We continue to innovate new ways to keep our chickens, and our customers, happy and healthy. Learn more about our processes and see how we rank.


We believe that the future of farming is organic. We're committed to growing our organic production and continuing to innovate to better serve our chickens, our environment and our customers.

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