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Bell & Evans’  humane animal welfare standards are an ever-evolving set of best practices in ethical treatment. We strive to be better today than we were yesterday and keep the chickens’ well-being at the forefront of everything we do.

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Animal welfare advocates including Temple Grandin agree that Bell & Evans continually raises the benchmark for the entire poultry industry.

As part of our commitment to humane treatment, we pioneered and continue to improve our Slow Induction Anesthesia (SIA). Our chickens are rendered unconscious over the course of six to seven minutes, in the safety of the drawers they are transported in from the farm. They’re never suffocated, stunned or dumped onto belts. This eliminates chickens’  pain, stress, fear and suffering.

“The {SIA process} will be a big step forward in chicken welfare.”– Temple Grandin

Many producers do the minimum required by third-party certifications. We support the Global Animal Partnership and adhere to Safe Quality Food Institute guidelines. But we do not participate in third party paid certifications, because they aren’t as thorough as our own standards. The Bell & Evans Humane Animal Welfare Standard is the most comprehensive, fully integrated program in the industry today.  We set the standards by going above and beyond what is required. Our top priority is to always push the bar higher when it comes to Humane Animal Welfare.