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How to Grill: Grilling Tips from Bell & Evans

Paul Greenblatt Paul Greenblatt, Director of Customer Marketing & Culinary

Grilling is certainly a cooking technique; but it can be so much more! It’s also a hobby, an art, a conversation place at parties and a sense of satisfaction when something amazing is served off the grill! Just about anything can be grilled, and chicken is one of my favorites because of the diversity. Depending on the dish and event, we cook boneless parts with bone-in parts. Sometimes we cook whole chickens, half chickens or spatchcock chickens. One of my family’s favorites is my wife’s marinated boneless thighs that we grill hard for crispy edges and rough chop for tacos.

When we are entertaining during the spring and summer months, I always have my grill and griddle going, and for good reason! You can cook large quantities of food at one time, develop great flavors and no dishes! Okay, maybe a few with tongs and spatulas but far less than if using a stove and oven.

How to Grill- Grilling hacks to up your game

Heavy Duty Tongs

Flimsy lightweight tongs never perform well and make it hard to move large items on the grill. When grilling, I always have a pair of 18” tongs for reaching items in the back and keeping the heat off your hands. They can easily be purchased online or at any restaurant equipment store.


How to Grill- Grilling hacks to up your game

Use Fat &Acid!

Oils & butter are great to adding a little extra flavor. They can also help accelerate the searing process as well.

When using a wet marinade, it can be great to add some acid like vinegar or lemon juice. The acid can help to tenderize and really brighten the flavor!

How to Grill- Grilling hacks to up your gameDry Rubs vs Wet Marinades

Some wet marinades and BBQ sauces have a lot of sugar. When cooking over high heat, they can burn on the grill (or your chicken) after the sugars caramelize. To avoid this, I usually start with a dry rub and will baste a sauce to finish.



How to Grill- Grilling hacks to up your game

Know Your Zones

Every grill & griddle has hot zones; meaning spots that are hotter than others. Use these zones to sear and rotate items that need more color or crispier skin.



How to Grill- Grilling hacks to up your gameKabobs- Veggies or No Veggies?

When cooking kabobs, I often season my kabobs with olive oil, salt & pepper to cook and will coat with sauce right before they come off the grill, possibly a little extra after they come off the grill.

As for veggies on the stick too? That’s a personal choice. There is no wrong answer!

How to Grill- Grilling hacks to up your game

Get Your Grill Hot & Oil It!

Do you have a problem with everything sticking to the grill? I highly suggest getting your grill to 400°F and then give it a good scraping with a wire grill brush.

To help your items sear better and not stick, oil a rag and wipe down the grill grates before putting your chicken on the grill.

How to Grill- Grilling hacks to up your game


Skin & Bone Add Flavor

I love grilling our boneless skin-on breasts and thighs! They always stay moist, and the skin adds so much flavor. They can be seasoned with a dry rub or simply with kosher salt and pepper and then served with a chimichurri or gremolata for a delicious summer meal.

The same goes for our spatchcock and half chickens or split breasts. Our lollipop drumsticks are a newer item, but they are so amazing! I love to coat these with a hot honey barbeque sauce right before they come off the grill!

Some folks are intimidated by the grill but with a little practice and patience, just about anyone can develop their technique and confidence!

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