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Many of you have asked questions about what we do at Bell & Evans to protect our birds from Avian Influenza. So, we would like to take this opportunity to review with you our bio-security policies and procedures. At Bell & Evans, we pride ourselves on high bio-security practices at all times, not only in the event of an outbreak.

Some of our standard operating procedures include:

  1. Mandatory disinfection of all tractors, trailers and on farm equipment between each farm.
  2. All visitors to the farms are required to wear disposable protective clothing.
  3. All equipment is cleaned and sanitized at the processing facility prior to returning to service.
  4. All houses are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between each flock.
  5. All houses remain empty for two weeks between flocks to break the virus cycle.
  6. All new flocks are started on fresh new dry wood shavings.
  7. Our reduced stress environment and superior diet bolster the birds’ immune system.
  8. Blood samples are drawn and all flocks are screened for the presence of Avian Influenza. This is a voluntary program and has been our practice for over 20 years.