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To Our Valued Customers:

On Wednesday April 25, 2007, it came to national attention that a potentially harmful substance, melamine, was found in feed given to hogs and chickens in several states. Melamine is a chemical that is normally used in pesticides and resins. According to one theory, melamine may have been added to wheat protein to increase the total amount of nitrogen in wheat protein so that the protein level of wheat protein appears to be higher than it really is. It was found in a pet food ingredient, imported from China, that was subsequently used in the production of bakery by-product meal and then as a feed ingredient in animal feeds.

We at Bell & Evans never use bakery by-products or by-products period! Rest assured that our feed is rigorously tested to insure all Bell & Evans chickens are fed a strict diet of corn, extruded and expeller pressed soybeans, vitamins & minerals. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact our Quality Assurance department at [email protected] or 717-865-6626.