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September 20, 2012

Bell & Evans Air Chilled Premium Fresh Chicken Rated #1 By Cook’s Illustrated Magazine Taste Test

Source: Cook’s Illustrated Bell & Evans Air Chilled Premium Fresh Chicken earned Cook’s Illustrated’s highest recommendation in a national taste test published in the September/October edition. Named the best-tasting whole chicken east of the Rocky Mountains, Bell & Evans Air Chilled Whole Chicken surpassed a host of other nationally known poultry producers. “Thanks to almost three hours of...

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May 4, 2012

A Step Forward in Chicken Welfare (Whole Foods)

Family-owned premium poultry processor Bell & Evans has remained at the front of its industry’s flock by prioritizing high quality from all angles—from its antibiotic-free chicken to the materials and processes within its facilities.

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April 17, 2012

Bell & Evans Response to a recent NY Times E. Coli/Fecal Contamination Article

As you are likely aware, a recent NY Times article published on April 11, 2012, by Stephanie Strom, titled “48% of Chicken in Small Sample Has E. Coli” has brought into question the industry best practices for assuring the food safety of poultry in the consumers retail food supply. Again, like “pink slime” in beef, it’s...

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April 15, 2012

Dark Meat Getting a Leg Up on Boring Boneless Breast

Source: Wall Street Journal By Marshall Eckblad Poultry companies that spent decades breeding top-heavy birds to satisfy America’s craving for chicken breasts are hunting for solutions as consumers cluck for more dark meat. Demand for legs and thigh cuts is climbing as diners tire of white meat and TV cooking shows tout dark meat’s richer...

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February 7, 2012

Bell & Evans sets the new standard for a lifetime of humane animal welfare.

FREDERICKSBURG, PA – February 7, 2012  – In the October 21, 2010 New York Times article, New Way to Help Chickens Cross to Other Side,  William Neuman outlined how Bell & Evans’ new slow induction anesthesia (SIA) would be a more humane, low-stress system that gently puts the birds to sleep before they are processed. SIA successfully went...

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January 20, 2012

Bell & Evans Wins Frozen Wings Cook-Off

Source: In a frozen wing cook-off, Bell & Evans Buffalo Style Chicken Wings won the blind challenge for best tasting and with only 350 mg of sodium per serving, was also most nutritious! Bon Appetit taste testers thought the wings “actually tastes like chicken” and they “could pass for not frozen, has a nice...

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January 14, 2012

Bell & Evans Buffalo Style Wings Chosen One of 14 Winning Super Bowl Snacks

Source: Bell & Evans Fully Cooked Buffalo Style Chicken Wings were chosen one fo the 14 winning Super Bowl snacks by   Real Simple felt the wings has just the right amount of ‘heat, crunch and zesty sauce.’ They also liked that the wings were microwaveable and ready in just 5 minutes. Steamfast...

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January 11, 2012

Bell & Evans Wins Leading Consumer Magazine’s Best Buffalo Wings

For the second year in a row, the leading consumer magazine has chosen Bell & Evans Buffalo Style Wings as the best wings over six other brands. “…the next best thing to restaurant wings.” In the same issue,  they cautioned the public to ‘know their chicken’. Raw chicken may not be as unprocessed as it looks. Some...

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August 23, 2011

Four Letter Words

CORN – For centuries it’s been a mainstay of American agriculture. Native Americans taught the first European settlers the importance of corn. So when did it become a four-letter word?  During the depression, the Agricultural Act of 1938 legislated price supports for corn, cotton, and wheat. This system, evolved over the last seventy years, when...

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August 8, 2011

International Organic Scandal: Major Canadian Grain Exporter’s Certification Suspended

“We have been aware of problems with imported soybeans for years and have been actively investigating this operation for many months,” said Mark Kastel, Senior Farm Policy Analyst at The Cornucopia Institute.

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