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Epicurious has named Bell & Evans fresh turkey as its top pick in their taste test of supermarket turkeys:

Fresh Bell & Evans Turkey
Weight: 13 lbs. (2.99 per lb.)
Average rank: 3 ½ forks

Pros: This free-range turkey was the highest ranking of the bunch, winning our Epi Top Pick. “It actually tastes like turkey,” said one editor. The dark meat fell right off the bone, and the white meat was moist and had a bold taste. “It’s got a pronounced and well-balanced taste that would work with oniony sides without getting overwhelmed,” said one judge. This turkey, with an attractively shiny and crispy golden outer layer, was part of a flock that’s bred to grow at a slower pace, which makes for broad breasts, according to Bell & Evans. We’re sold.

Cons: They are only available east of the Mississippi.

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