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Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania (March 20, 2019) – When it comes to great tasting, quality chicken nuggets, Bell & Evans, America’s oldest branded chicken company, knows a thing or two. According to an article on Huffington Post yesterday, nutritionists recommend Bell & Evans Breaded Chicken Breast Nuggets as the best choice to feed kids.

“They’re made from chicken breast meat, feature a simple ingredient list and have 1 gram of fiber per serving,” says author Cherie Gough about Bell & Evans Breaded Chicken Nuggets in her article, “The Healthiest Frozen Chicken Nuggets, According to Nutritionists.”

This isn’t the first time Bell & Evans Breaded Chicken Nuggets have topped the charts. Last April, Bell & Evans nuggets ranked as the #1 Frozen Chicken Nuggets in a taste test by staff at The Kitchn, and in 2014, Serious Eats ranked them #1 in its taste test of frozen nuggets.

“I’m really happy, but not surprised, that our nuggets continue to be recognized as the best,” said Bell & Evans Owner Scott Sechler. “They are the best. Every other brand markets chopped and formed nugget-shaped products, but our chicken nuggets are actual whole breast meat pieces that you don’t get from the commodity brands.”

About Bell & Evans Bell & Evans is America’s oldest branded chicken company, celebrating 125 years of business and 10 years of organic production. We are the industry pioneer of natural chicken Raised Without Antibiotics and have established the highest set of animal welfare standards in the industry. From our World’s First Organic Certified Animal Welfare Focused Chicken Hatchery to Slow Induction Anesthesia and 100% Air Chilled methods, Bell & Evans is passionate about raising chickens responsibly using common sense practices. To learn more, visit