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Bell & Evans, the leading producer of healthy poultry products has entered into an agreement with Newman’s Own Organics to supply quality chicken for a new line of pet foods. Bell & Evans, a trusted consumer brand of natural foods since the 1890’s, is currently run by Scott I. Sechler, a prominent advocate for consumer and environmental health issues in the industry. Bell & Evan’s chickens are raised without the use of antibiotics, a policy that the company was among the first to adopt. All Bell & Evans chickens are never frozen, and contain no preservatives.

Bell & Evans continually searches for new ways to improve their products in order to provide their customers with the healthiest options available. Recently, the company stopped using hexane-produced soybean meal in their chicken feed. Citing concern for “bird health, consumer health, processing worker safety and the environment”, Mr. Sechler worked with other experts to develop a new diet for Bell & Evans chickens, entirely comprised of corn mixed with extruded and expeller-pressed soybeans fortified with vitamins and minerals. Although this new diet is more costly, the company feels that it gives consumers another excellent reason to purchase Bell & Evans.

Some of the most popular Bell & Evans products in addition to fresh chicken are chicken nuggets made with solid pieces of breast meat, four flavors of chicken sausages without casings, chicken sandwich steaks made with 100% breast meat, chicken burgers and ducks with untrimmed bills. Each of these is produced with the same dedication to the principles that Bell & Evans stands for.

This philosophy makes Bell & Evans the logical partnership choice for Newman’s Own Organics, another leading natural foods company with a history of interest in the environment. Newman’s Own Organics is a division of Newman’s Own, the enormously successful company launched by actor Paul Newman, and is run by his daughter Nell with her business partner Peter Meehan. The line of Newman’s Own Organics products includes the top-selling organic pretzels in the natural food market, a line of organic chocolate bars, tortilla chips, popcorn and several kinds of cookies and candies.

The Newman’s Own Organics pet foods provide a formulation for a healthy diet for dogs and cats. Manufactured with the best ingredients available, including Bell & Evans chicken, the foods are the best option for consumers who care about the health of their pets. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these products will go to animal-related charities.

The partnership with Newman’s Own Organics is only the latest success in Bell & Evans’ ongoing pursuit of new ideas to enhance the lives of their customers. For more information, or to keep up with future developments, call Tom Stone at 717-865-6626.