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Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania (December 18, 2019) – Premium poultry producer Bell & Evans is excited to announce that it will host the very popular Chick Hatch at the 2020 Pennsylvania Farm Show. In true Bell & Evans fashion, the company innovated a portable hatching unit that will mimic the hatchers in its world’s first organic certified, animal-welfare-focused chicken Hatchery in Fredericksburg, PA. Bell & Evans collaborated with its partner HatchTech in the Netherlands to construct the hatcher in time for the 2020 Farm Show. Not only will attendees at this year’s Show see chicks hatch in a state-of-the-art hatcher, but they’ll also learn about the importance of early feed and water, a key difference of the Bell & Evans Hatchery.

“When we were invited to sponsor the chick hatch, we saw it as the perfect opportunity to give our local community a glimpse inside our Hatchery, the most humane model in the world,” said Executive Vice President and 5th generation Bell & Evans Owner Margo Sechler. “We made a big investment to produce this portable hatching unit, but since biosecurity prevents us from touring groups through our Hatchery, this is the next best way to educate and offer additional transparency into our operations.”

At the Bell & Evans Hatchery, 100% of chicks receive certified-organic feed, fresh water and light immediately at hatch, whereas at traditional hatcheries, chicks do not receive food or water until they have arrived at farms, days after hatch. Another major difference of the Bell & Evans Hatchery is it eliminates mechanical handling of chicks such as belt drops, shell separators and chick counters to minimize stress. Bell & Evans is a world leader in humane animal welfare.

The Bell & Evans Chick Hatch at the Pennsylvania Farm Show will be located in the Giant Expo Hall near the Lancaster Farming Stage. The display will also include live video feeds from inside the hatcher, video walls with virtual tours of the Bell & Evans Hatchery and chicken houses, and a product display with interactive product locators.

The 104th Pennsylvania Farm Show takes place January 4 through January 11 at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA.

About Bell & Evans Bell & Evans is America’s oldest branded chicken company, celebrating 125 years of business and 10 years of organic production. We are the industry pioneer of all-natural chicken and Raised Without Antibiotics and have established the highest set of animal welfare standards in the industry. From our World’s First Organic Certified, Animal-Welfare-Focused Chicken Hatchery to Slow Induction Anesthesia and 100% Air Chill, Bell & Evans is passionate about raising chickens responsibly using common sense practices to produce only premium chicken.