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On August 27, 2009, I spent a day in New York demoing at the new Whole Foods Store at 97th and Columbus.

Once again we clogged the aisles with people waiting for a sample of our famous Chicken Nuggets.

For me, store demoing our products is energizing and builds my enthusiasm for the business.

The reception I received from customers was incredible. One customer wanted to buy my Bell & Evans cap. He recommended we sell them on the website and make sure I sign them. He said don’t be surprised, they are going to sell.

Another customer insisted on having her picture taken with me.

A friendly man asked me to bring back the boneless whole chicken roast. He said if you do I will help you promote them.

One lady said you can have your brochure back; I have been buying your chicken all my life and I do not have any intention to change.

I had a customer that was complaining that a store in her neighborhood tells people the chicken they sell is Bell & Evans, but she does not think it is and asked me if I would check it out.

It’s been a challenge over the years to police restaurant and retailers and make sure the products they were selling as Bell & Evans really is Bell & Evans. Deception in marketing on menus and at the retail case has never been worse. Selling commodity chicken for Bell & Evans or alleging it is just as good as is a crime.

There was a lady that bought chicken that was being promoted “from Pennsylvania” and assumed it was Bell & Evans only to learn it was not. She was not a happy customer about that. We do have some new competition using a Pennsylvania address that is producing commodity chicken and is marketing it as an equal to Bell & Evans.

On my ride home on the Bieber Bus back to Pennsylvania I began to think about how big our brand really is in N.Y. and how loyal the customers are to our brand. After almost 100 years of our product being in N.Y., we are still going strong. Consistently producing superior product really did pay off for us.

I hope to see you at our next product demo.

Ways to ensure you are buying Bell & Evans:

  1. Look for our logo.
  2. If the package has a retained water statement with a number other than 0% or “no retained water”- it probably isn’t Bell & Evans.
  3. If you still are unsure, give us a call at 1-800-786-1235 and ask for customer service.