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Our take on the August 14, 2017, Bloomberg article “That Chicken From Whole Foods Isn’t So Special Anymore.

We agree that the chicken at the other end of the case shouldn’t be there. At Bell & Evans, we have been perfecting “The Excellent Chicken” for over 100 years. We uphold the highest animal welfare standards and ethics in the industry. We use the latest and most advanced processing methods and operate in state-of-the-art facilities. Problem is, the food-quality revolution that Whole Foods helped cultivate has opened the back door for “commodity chicken with an animal welfare façade” to qualify as “special” chicken under the sub par standards of the Global Animal Partnership Standards.

Just like our elders taught us, “You get what you pay for.” If the folks at Bloomberg think it’s a travesty to pay twice as much at Whole Foods for the same chicken available at any other chain store, what about the flip side? The disparity is in the quality of that cheaper chicken compared to Bell & Evans chicken! Of course, we know our customers are way smarter than to be fooled by these commodity chickens that are barely making the cut in the premium market place, and to those who have been fooled, we welcome you to study our standards and try our product. You can find our chicken at Whole Foods under the Bell & Evans label. We are confident you will agree that it is superior in every way.

At Bell & Evans, we produce food that we want to eat and feed to our families and nothing less, period. We don’t spend time worrying about a stock price or investors, as our mission is simple – to uphold the highest animal welfare standards using the most advanced methods and simply put, to produce the best chicken possible! Commodity producers see profitability in the premium marketplace, and if their heart was in it, they would have been here for years. They certainly wouldn’t be raising only a small portion of their products to these barely premium standards.

Trust me, we are as upset as you about this situation, but we want you to know you can have hope in Bell & Evans always giving you and your family The Excellent Chicken. We are not commodity covered with a façade.


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    1. Hi Enrique, our chicken does not have water added.

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