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Our “green box” organic, gluten-free nuggets and tenders are already very popular with health-conscious families because of the quality ingredients. We are always listening to customer feedback and heard your concerns about the soy allergen in the breading. We are excited to announce that our batter and breading recipe has been reformulated to not only remove the soy allergen but deliver a better crunch that you’ll crave!

NO SOY, NO GLUTEN and NO DAIRY for your peace of mind.

Our prepared products are developed with quality ingredients, nutrition, convenience, flavor and texture in mind. When we think we can do better, we try, and we will always operate that way. That’s the beauty of being family-owned for 125+ years and answering to our customers, not investors!

If you are concerned about our chicken feed containing soybean meal or the fact that we use our own organic-certified, expeller-pressed soybean oil to set the breading on our prepared products, understand that a soy food allergy is caused from soy protein which is not present in chicken meat or in organic soybean oil. You should always consult with your doctor if you have health questions or concerns.

While we were removing the previous soy allergen from our breading, we completely upgraded our batter and breading recipe to include a popped corn crumb that gives our organic, gluten-free nuggets and tenders a satisfying crunch. If you look at our new packaging, you can literally see the breading difference. The new boxes with the improved recipe are shipping to stores now and will be available for purchase soon. Look for them, try them out, and let us (and others) know what you think by writing a website review on the Organic Tenders or Nuggets product page. As I said, we’re always listening!


  1. Cindy says:

    How can you say no soy when there’s soy sauce in it?

    1. Hi Cindy, our older formula did have soy sauce in it. This new formulation no longer has soy sauce. The soy allergen has been removed. Check your box– you may have an older version.

  2. Diane says:

    I was going to comment on thanking you for taking the Soy and all that junk out of the processing I have a severe allergy does soy and it is in everything it causes, severe itching, restlessness, all kinds of things, headaches thank you for caring for people that have allergies and finally removing that nasty deadly cancer causing ingredient to be Gone !!!!!

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