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I am constantly asked what we feed our chickens that make them so different. Well let’s start with our philosophy.

Goal #1
Feed needs to be of the highest quality ingredients and properly formulated to grow a healthy bird without adding stress.

Goal #2
When we eat the bird, we should be proud of the quality of its life. The taste and tenderness should be excellent. A quality protein we enjoy that also nourishes our bodies.

I don’t like the idea of eating chicken that was fed a lot of junk and might even end up smelling or tasting like what it ate. Many of our competitors and especially some store brand chicken have a different philosophy in mind. It’s all about cost and margins. They sometimes forget that someone is going to eat this stuff. Usually, we are talking about least cost formulating feed and it usually isn’t pretty. They need to grow big and fast and cross the finish line alive.

Protein, fiber, energy, vitamins and minerals are the main components of a chicken’s diet. Our Bell & Evan’s chickens get all the protein, fiber, and energy from our corn, extruded and expeller pressed soybeans. I will stop here for today because I next want to get into the details of our feed ingredients and that will be a big story by itself.