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At Bell & Evans our Certified Organic chickens and turkeys are fed non GMO Certified Organic corn and soybeans.  Our soybeans are extruded and expeller pressed into meal. No GMO seed is allowed by U.S.D.A. Organic Certifiers as enforced by division of U.S.D.A.

Bell & Evans sources only U.S. grown grain, whenever possible.  If we come up short, we may buy a limited amount from Canada or Argentina.

We do not Import Organic Grains from China.   With the cost of Organic grain being more than twice the cost of conventional, many dishonest operators have entered the business.

Bell & Evans non Organic Certified chicken products.

I would be very happy to produce all of our chickens & turkeys without using GMO grain.  At this time it is not possible for Bell & Evans to do that because of the following reasons:

  • There is only a small percentage of non GMO grain producers left in the U.S.
  • The Ethanol demand continues to take acres away from Organic and non GMO grain production.
  • There is no U.S.D.A. or Certified enforcement for non GMO grain production or handling.
  • As soon as we can find a reliable, honest source of non GMO grain, we will be very happy to deliver.
  • I believe when we sell a product or a service to a customer, we need to deliver what they thought they bought.

We will double our efforts on procuring non GMO grain and will report again in the near future on the situation.

No Bell & Evans diets contain Hexane processed soybeans.