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I’ve been traveling a lot the last three months accumulating a lot of good stuff to write about.

Back in the end of September my wife and I were invited to spend a weekend with the owners of Dekalb Farmer’s Market, which is located about 15 miles east of Atlanta Georgia on Ponce De Leon.

The owners Robert and Barbara Blazer were very gracious hosts. The Blazer’s are very committed to supporting and marketing products produced by family owned businesses.

Our mission was to educate the entire leadership staff about the production of Bell & Evans chicken and how it is different from commodity produced chicken.

I was given the opportunity to spend time in front of the poultry area of the market and introduce myself to customers. I asked them if they had any questions about the products. The number one group of questions was concerning the movie Food Inc. I had not seen the movie, so I did the best I could dealing with their concerns. Animal compassion, the environment and what the chickens are fed seem to be at the top of the list.

Dekalb Farmer’s Market is a must to see if you are in the Atlanta area. In my mind Dekalb Farmer’s Market is one of the great wonders of North America in the food business.

Bell & Evans has proudly supplied the market for over 20 years. Thank you Robert and Barbara Blazer for your commitment.