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In the upcoming January 2010 issue of Consumer Reports Bell & Evans is highlighted as on the cleanest producers of broiler chickens in the industry. Eight of our chickens were tested for salmonella and campylobacter- and all eight were tested free of both bacteria.

We here at Bell & Evans have been doing the same procedure for years- we care about every step of the process from the farm to your table. Like we have discussed in previous blog entries- every aspect of the process is crucial. We do things our way because it’s the right thing to do.

Our all vegetable feed consists of corn, extruded and expeller pressed soybeans, vitamins and minerals. We never use animal or other by-products.

Our chicken houses are cleaned out in between every flock- not like other poultry producers who just lay down a new layer of litter. We also let the house remain empty in order to break any virus cycles. The concrete floors of the houses also make it easier to clean and sanitize.

Our award winning 2005 Plant of the Year (by Food Engineering Magazine) is another aspect of the process of producing clean and great tasting chicken. We have a high standard of efficiency and cleanliness throughout the plant. We inspect all birds during evisceration before entering into our air chill facility. Unlike other air chill facilities- our bird travel on one level in order to prevent cross contamination from other birds on higher racks dripping onto those underneath. The air chill process does not dilute the natural flavor of our chicken and means that our customers do not have to pay for water that would normally leak out of the chicken when it is water chilled.

Our one of a kind packaging is helping our chicken have an even longer shelf life and reduces our impact on the environment. After the chicken is sealed into this package it is not touch again by human hands until it opened by a customer at home. Since the new packaging can go directly into the freezer, it also reduces further risk of cross contamination.

All of these components add to the final product, that is why all of the steps are important to making a great tasting chicken. We wouldn’t change any aspect of our process because then it wouldn’t be Bell & Evan’s way of raising the excellent chicken.