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At Bell & Evans, we make decisions based on common sense practices and what the right thing is to do. Where we see opportunities for improvement, we work to do better. Last year, we began conversations with Sustainable Waste Solutions in Souderton, PA, about becoming a landfill free business. As of March this year, we have successfully made that transition!

Landfill free means that we reuse and recycle whatever we can. We have single-stream recycling containers for plastic, paper, glass and aluminum throughout our facilities and continue to educate team members on what can and can’t be recycled. All other waste created is converted into clean energy at Sustainable Waste Solutions’ energy-from-waste resource recovery facility. This energy is used to power more than 30,000 homes and businesses in Southeastern PA.

Here are some of the other ways we protect the land, air and water in our communities:

  • Our retail tray packs are made of #1 PETE recyclable packaging.
  • Our master cases are fully recyclable corrugated cardboard made from 100% recycled material.
  • Our soybean meal is made from extruded and expeller-pressed soybeans, not hexane processed. Hexane is a toxin that pollutes the air, water and environment.
  • We recycle our manure, which is used by the local ag community in composting.
  • We conserve millions of gallons of water a year with our 100% Air Chill cooling process.
  • We use our own recycled water where possible.

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