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September 12, 2023

The Best Chicken Bone Broth You’ll Ever Buy

My team has been working on our new Organic Chicken Bone Broth for years. I’m really proud of the wonderful product we produced, and I can’t wait to hear what you think of it. It’s truly unique from any other chicken bone broth you can buy. We set out to produce a fresh, refrigerated broth...

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March 11, 2022

The Cost of Organic Everything is Going Up

Bell & Evans has been raising organic chickens on a diet of 100% U.S. organic grain feed since our organic program started in 2009. We never bought cheaper imported “organic” grains from other counties because I didn’t trust their authenticity. How can you follow all the same organic practices somewhere else in the world and...

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February 2, 2022

Soy Allergen Removed from Organic, Gluten Free Breaded Nuggets & Tenders

Our “green box” organic, gluten-free nuggets and tenders are already very popular with health-conscious families because of the quality ingredients. We are always listening to customer feedback and heard your concerns about the soy allergen in the breading. We are excited to announce that our batter and breading recipe has been reformulated to not only...

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October 12, 2021

The Bell & Evans Chicken Nugget – 20 Years Going Strong!

In the 1990s, I wanted to expand beyond fresh chicken to new value-added products. Chicken nuggets were becoming very popular thanks to a certain fast food restaurant chain. There were only a few brands available for retail purchase, so I started looking into chicken nugget production. Boy was I shocked! The American way of producing...

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February 9, 2021

Creating the Supply We Demand – Increasing U.S. Organic Grain Access

Bell & Evans has been a premium chicken brand since the beginning, more than 125 years. When I bought the business from the previous family in the ‘80s, I was determined to take Bell & Evans to the next level. I had big ideas to produce all-natural chicken, which I did, the first U.S. poultry...

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January 4, 2021

Happy NEW Year from Bell & Evans!

Most of us are glad to leave 2020 behind and look forward to what 2021 may bring. Bell & Evans is no exception. We began construction last year on a new chicken harvesting facility, a project that was in the works for years. It will be completed by December, replacing our existing harvesting plant until...

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November 16, 2020

Chicken – Always a Great Option!

This Thanksgiving will be different for most of us. Families dividing, hosting smaller gatherings. Other families, like mine, attending or hosting multiple smaller Thanksgivings to see and include everyone. Many are breaking from their usual traditions and that can be stressful. Luckily, food is comforting, and the holidays incorporate a lot of food! Don’t let...

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October 6, 2020

What’s a Commodity? And Why We’re Not!

A commodity is an interchangeable good where brand name doesn’t matter because one is just like the other. Energy and metals are commodities, but so are livestock and grains. Commodity producers all follow similar practices so they can compete in price and market space. They are profit-driven and care about producing a lot for a...

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February 20, 2020

Organic Chicken Explained

Do you know what “organic” chicken means? I find that most people – Buy organic chicken and think they know the differences (and are likely wrong), OR Buy organic chicken and hope it’s better for them without knowing the differences, OR Don’t buy organic chicken because they think “organic” is all marketing hype. When the...

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October 7, 2019

Blended Meat Products

Someone recently asked me for my thoughts on blended meat and plant protein products. I think this is a good topic to discuss because poultry producers are now introducing blended chicken products to the market. Not Bell & Evans. The first thing to understand is that the big commodity producers are the ones pushing blended...

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