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When it comes to chick transportation, our trailers are the Rolls Royce!  We recently purchased two “HatchTravellers” from HatchTech, the same Dutch company that designed our chick hatchers at our new World’s First Organic Certified Animal Welfare Focused Chicken Hatchery. It only made sense to turn to our innovative friends again for new trailers, especially since these HatchTravellers are practically hatchers on wheels!

Like the hatchers, these specially designed trailers are divided into interior sections, each having its own temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors and controls. Special radiators throughout the trailer are linked to a chiller system to provide precise cooling to every section, and fresh air is admitted through the inlets for oxygen supply. Air flows freely between the chick baskets creating a uniform airflow throughout the trailer. This unique climate-control system means that we can maintain ideal oxygen levels and temperatures for continued chick development during the ride to the farm.

Temperature control is even more crucial now that our chicks are so active. At our new Hatchery, chicks have immediate access to organic feed, water and light within their specialized hatching baskets. This makes a world of difference – our chicks are more energetic right from the start, and energy creates heat. In the trailers, our chicks travel in those same baskets, with their organic feed, so they’re comfortable and lively on the trailer. The constant air flow keeps them from overheating and dehydrating during the trip to the farm. And during the colder months, the advanced climate-control system ensures that every section of the trailer stays at the optimal temperature – important because newborn chicks are unable to efficiently regulate their own body temperature.

Additional features of our new trailers include maximized space efficiency, fully automated and touch-screen controls in the driver’s cabin, and an easy-to-clean construction that is especially beneficial to us because we fully disinfect the trailer between deliveries.

You may even notice the third axle on our trailer. It’s not because the chicks are heavy. It’s proven that three axles actually create a smoother ride for the chicks than having only two axles. It’s just one more way we can keep our chicks comfortable and stress-free on their ride to the farm. What’s best for our chickens is always on the forefront of our minds. These trailers are not just a means of transportation but are an extension of our Hatchery. We’re committed to humane animal welfare, so we want our chicks to continue to grow and thrive – even on their short journey to the farm!


  1. Mark Gumowski says:

    What do you feed your chickens?

    1. We feed our chickens an all vegetarian diet of corn and expeller-pressed soybean meal. See More detail here

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