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#11 from David L. (Website) From Chattanooga, TN

“I have not had the chance to taste your product. But after seeing how you do things. I am quite impressed. I worked at a Chicken plant years ago and was shocked on how they did things and had additives. Air cooled is 1 thing, I hope your company does well in this ever growing demand for poultry products. I will try to find your product in Tennessee. Thank you.”– David L.

#10 from Dasha V. (Facebook)

“I would just like to Thank you for all that y’all do at your company. Y‘all really do have the best chicken and I just Visited your website so now I️ know why. And thank you for treating the chickens with care and kindness because that is just so important. I just wanted to let y’all know that you are making a difference. Happy Holidays.”– Dasha V.

#9 from April B. (Facebook)
who almost duplicated National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation turkey and sent us a picture to prove it!

“Your turkey was awesome!”– April B.

#8 from Tori Sorenson   (Facebook)

“Bell & Evans the chicken is magically delicious. It must be all the love and relaxation the chickens get.”– Tori S.

#7 from Cani D. (Facebook)

“I love your chicken! You can really taste the difference! It is the only brand we eat”– Cani D.

#6 from chrisfromhershey   (Instagram) 
In response to Scott’s quote “If you’re committed to do the right thing, you should commit 100%”

“Love the quote. A lesson for us all.”– chrisfromhershey

#5 from Dan Simons (Twitter)

“Important topic! I've found the only way to know is to see the farms and the processing facilities. That's why I love BellandEvans. I've seen em with my own eyes.”– Dan Simons

#4 from CreativeHealthyFamily (Instagram)

“We love your chicken!”– CreativeHealthyFamily

#3 from Amanda N. from Chicago, IL (Facebook)

“Bell and Evans is by far the best chicken out there. I go out of my way to shop at different grocery stores just to find the fresh, vacuum sealed chicken breasts. Most places only carry frozen or prepared chicken, hoping to see more stores (Whole Foods!) carry fresh soon!”– Amanda N.

#2 from Wendy E. from Minnesota (Website)

“I purchased chicken thighs this morning and the product is fresh and easy to open. It is amazing to see how much thought that you put into how your product is packaged - including the vacuum seal, ease of opening, and that it can go right into the freezer without additional protection from the cold. Thank you!”– Wendy E.

#1 from Sirrius999 (Instagram)

“This guy and his company are literally making the Rolls-Royce of chicken nuggets?I highly suggest Warren Buffet try them?”– sirrius999 (Instagram)