Organic Chicken


Now some of your favorite Bell & Evans organic chicken is also available frozen for your convenience. See new products below.

All Bell & Evans chickens are raised without antibiotics throughout their life. They receive no antibiotics and no growth hormones in the feed, the water or even the egg... ever. Our certified 100% Organic chickens are raised on an all-vegetarian, organic diet. We use only extruded and expeller-pressed soybeans, enhanced with corn and amino acids - and unlike the most commonly used method to remove the oil from soybeans, no hexane gas is being released into the environment.

The Bell & Evans Humane Animal Welfare Standard™ ensures all of our chickens are humanely raised and compassionately handled, in a minimal-stress environment, throughout their lives.

All Bell & Evans chickens are 100% Air-Chilled so there is NO RETAINED WATER and no added water... for tender, more flavorful chicken. Our packaging is vacuum-sealed and freezer safe.

New products include 100% Breast Meat Ground Chicken and 100% Leg Meat Ground Chicken. Scroll down to learn more about these new products!