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Date Title
06/22/2017 Bell & Evans Prepares to Open First-of-its-Kind Hatchery
06/22/2017 Governor Wolf Celebrates Bell & Evans Organic Hatchery Opening as Part of ‘Jobs that Pay’ Tour
11/18/2016 Jaindl Turkey Farm Statement
10/12/2016 Bell & Evans Addresses the PETA Expose on Culver Duck Farms
01/26/2016 Bell & Evans to build first humane animal welfare focused hatchery in US
07/15/2015 Murry's Inc. Voluntary Recall of Gluten Free Nuggets
11/09/2013 Our Turkey Partner Donates $50,000
10/15/2013 Scott Sechler's response to the video released by TryVeg/COK
02/13/2013 Even Friends Can Sometimes Disagree - Perdue/The Commonwealth
12/25/2012 In Hopes of Healthier Chickens, Farms Turn to Oregano
11/19/2012 Epicurious Names Bell & Evans Fresh Turkey "Top Pick"
11/01/2012 Bell & Evans Premium Turkeys Available for the Holidays
09/25/2012 Bell & Evans Supports Local Farmers Through 2012 Farm Aid Sponsorship
09/20/2012 Bell & Evans Air Chilled Premium Fresh Chicken Rated #1 By Cook’s Illustrated Magazine Taste Test
04/17/2012 Bell & Evans Response to a recent NY Times E. Coli/Fecal Contamination Article
04/15/2012 Dark Meat Getting a Leg Up on Boring Boneless Breast
02/07/2012 Bell & Evans sets the new standard for a lifetime of humane animal welfare.
01/20/2012 Bell & Evans Wins Frozen Wings Cook-Off
01/14/2012 Bell & Evans Buffalo Style Wings Chosen One of 14 Winning Super Bowl Snacks
01/11/2012 Bell & Evans Wins Leading Consumer Magazine's Best Buffalo Wings
08/23/2011 Four Letter Words
10/22/2010 New York Times unveils Bell & Evans' new, humane stunning system.
12/07/2009 Bell & Evans successful in Consumer Reports food safety test
04/17/2009 Bell & Evans Owner Scott Sechler to Blog about Raising the Excellent Chicken
11/27/2007 Bell & Evans Statement On The Use Of Ionophores
05/01/2007 Statement about the use of Melamine in animal feed
04/07/2006 Bell & Evans chickens are never fed Arsenic!
03/14/2006 Bell & Evans featured on CNN
10/19/2005 The steps we take to combat the spread of Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)
09/24/2004 New Products Ready For Market
10/24/2003 Bell & Evans Partners with Newman's Own Organics
06/03/2003 Bell & Evans Commits to Air Chill Expansion Project
07/07/2000 Japan Welcomes Bell & Evans
06/07/2000 National Governors Association Samples Bell & Evans
06/03/1998 Food Bank Award

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