Prepared Chicken

Made from100% whole breast meat pieces. Kids and adults love’em!

100% whole breast meat tenders are perfect for easy dinners or after school snack!

Our Coconut Tenders bring a touch of the islands to your table.

Our ingredients statement says it all... Chicken, Salt, Pepper.

Gently seasoned with just the right spices for a homemade taste.

There are no fillers in this patty! Makes a great after school snack.

Lightly breaded chicken breast retains all its natural flavor.

Chicken and Mozzarella are the main ingredients! The only filler is its 'cheesy' center!

New package! The ultimate convenience food. Thaws in just 5 minutes.

Yummy butter and rich smokey flavor.

National taste test winner, year after year! Slow cooked flavor with just the right heat.