Fresh Chicken

All Bell & Evans chickens are raised without antibiotics throughout their life. They receive no antibiotics and no growth hormones in the feed, the water or even the egg... ever.   We feed them an all-vegetarian diet of extruded and expeller-pressed soybeans, enhanced with corn and amino acids -  and unlike the most commonly used method to remove the oil from soybeans, no hexane gas is being released into the environment. 

The Bell & Evans Humane Animal Welfare Standard™ assures all of our chickens are humanely raised and compassionately handled, in a minimal-stress environment, throughout their lives.

All Bell & Evans chickens are 100% Air-Chilled so there is NO RETAINED WATER and no added water... for tender, more flavorful chicken. Our vacuum-packed trays are freezer safe and #1 PETE recyclable.

New products include 100% Breast Meat Ground Chicken and 100% Leg Meat Ground Chicken. Scroll down to learn more about these new products!