Day to Day Operations of the Farm



  • Growers - farm upgrades and maintenance, handling, feeding, litter management, monitor change in feed and water consumption, determining euthanasia and methods for sick birds
  • Drivers - movement and transport, from hatchery to farm to processing

Bio Security Procedures

  • Isolation - each flock is kept together and away from other flocks; no cross contamination
  • Traffic Control – Only approved visitors allowed; must wear protective footwear and coveralls at all times; antibacterial foot dip
  • Sanitation - all trucks and farm equipment are thoroughly sanitized between farms
  • Feed storage - kept safe from rodents, their feces, and other foreign objects

Emergency Preparedness

In all phases of operation, we have instituted emergency action plans to respond to natural disasters, fires, disease outbreaks, well and power failures.

  • Back-up generators insure constant feed, water and temperature control throughout the barn
  • Flock health monitored constantly
  • Accountability We track everything to make sure our birds remain healthy
  • All flocks are traceable from hatchery to processing
  • All ventilation, cool cells, heaters and water lines are maintained in good working order
  • Each feed batch is checked against standard for quality control

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