January 2012 Winning Wings!

1. For the second year in a row, a leading consumer magazine has chosen Bell & Evans Buffalo Style Wings as the best wings over six other brands. "...the next best thing to restaurant wings."    In the same issue, the public was cautioned to know their chicken. Raw chicken may not be as unprocessed as it looks. Some chicken is loaded with salt. Consumers are reminded that, under current laws, chicken breast can contain as much as 40% added solution such as water, salt, and teriyaki which is also loaded with salt. Bell & Evans Air Chilled Chicken has no added ingredients and No Retained Water, because our birds are 100% air chilled.

2. Real Simple -Bell & Evans Fully Cooked Buffalo Style Chicken Wings were chosen one of the 14 winning Super Bowl snacks by   Real Simple felt the wings has just the right amount of 'heat, crunch and zesty sauce.' They also liked that the wings were microwaveable and ready in just 5 minutes. Steamfast technology make microwaving the wings foolproof.

3. Bon Appetit - In a frozen wing cook-off, Bell & Evans Buffalo Style Chicken Wings won the blind challenge for best tasting and with only 350 mg of sodium per serving, was also most nutritious! Bon Appetit taste testers thought the wings "actually tastes like chicken" and they "could pass for not frozen, has a nice smokiness". 



"The Excellent Chicken" is more than a Bell & Evans® catchphrase. Professional chefs, food editors, gourmets and restaurant reviewers seem to agree that Bell & Evans® chicken is in a class by itself. With a slight blush, we invite you to read what others have said about Bell &Evans® chicken.


  • Tied for 1st place in Cook's Magazine tasting of chickens
  • Rated the best in tasting by the New York Times
  • Voted the most preferred chicken in the Good Housekeeping Chicken Cook-off


We've been getting rave reviews for over twenty years.
Here's what others have said about Bell & Evans®...

"Rich chicken flavor, very tender breast meat ..."
Good Housekeeping, April, 1997.

"Recognized by distinctive appearance of slightly elongated shape, creamy white skin and pale pink flesh. It was the most consistently appealing when cooked, well balanced in distribution of flesh, flavor and moisture."
New York Times, March 4, 1981.

"Perfect consistency of the meat...which falls off the bone from tenderness...The white meat is not all dry...the dark meat is buttery, moist and delicious."
Prevention, June, 1993.

"Real chicken flavor in both dark and light meat. More like an old-fashioned chicken."
Cooks Illustrated, Sept.-Oct., 1994.

"The best aroma and good flavor."
Cooks, March, 1989.

"Moist white meat...buttery dark meat...excellent flavor...firm texture."
Washingtonian, Oct., 1994.

"Our butcher showed us the difference. He laid a Bell & Evans® boneless breast next to another brand. The Bell & Evans® breast was perfectly trimmed, pale and plump, compared to the rather ragged-looking other brand. But when we brought the Bell & Evans® home and cooked it, we were really sold! We've never tasted chicken that was so delicious and tender."
K.T., first-time Bell & Evans® customer

"In recent taste tests, fresh chicken from Bell & Evans® rated better than average. A bit fresher-tasting; a bit juicier than most, including Perdue chicken that were not quite as fresh-tasting."
A leading independent consumer magazine

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